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A,a.       107 Words


    A,1       a

    A,2       Aaron

    A,3       Aaron’s

  A,28       abhorred

  A,36       Abiasaph

  A,39       Abib

  A,43       abide

  A,52       Abihu

  A,73       able

  A,77       abode

  A,83       abomination

  A,89       about

  A,90       above

  A,91       Abraham

  A,95       abroad

A,103       abundant

A,104       abundantly

A,110       accept

A,115       accepted

A,129       according

A,245       adultery

A,253       adversaries

A,254       adversary

A,265       afar

A,277       afflict

A,278       afflicted

A,280       affliction

A,289       afraid

A,291       after

A,293       afterward

A,294       afterwards

A,298       again

A,299       against

A,301       agate

A,353       Ahisamach

A,363       Aholiab

A,400       alien

A,405       alive

A,406       all

A,418       Almighty

A,423       almonds

A,424       almost

A,429       alone

A,430       along

A,436       already

A,437       also

A,438       altar

A,439       altars

A,444       although

A,445       altogether

A,449       alway

A,450       always

A,451       am

A,454       Amalek

A,464       amazed

A,479       amethyst

A,489       Amminadab

A,501       among

A,503       Amorite

A,504       Amorites

A,510       Amram

A,515       an

A,538       and

A,545       angel

A,549       anger

A,553       anguish

A,559       anoint

A,560       anointed

A,563       anointing

A,565       another

A,566       another’s

A,568       answerable

A,569       answered

A,587       any

A,589       apart

A,611       apothecary

A,618       appear

A,621       appeared

A,637       appoint

A,638       appointed

A,688       are

A,710       ark

A,712       arm

A,717       armies

A,723       army

A,731       arose

A,741       art

A,754       as

A,765       ascended

A,784       Asher

A,786       ashes

A,801       aside

A,804       asked

A,807       asketh

A,817       ass

A,825       assembled

A,827       assembling

A,828       assembly

A,831       asses

A,835       Assir

A,853       astray

A,859       at

A,874       atonement

A,875       atonements

A,890       audience

A,894       aul

A,924       away



B,b.       142 Words


  B,22       Baalzephon

  B,31       babe

  B,40       back

  B,46       backs

  B,47       backside

  B,53       bade

  B,55       badgers’

  B,65       bake

  B,66       baked

  B,90       band

B,112       bar

B,122       bare

B,132       barley

B,139       barren

B,141       bars

B,154       basket

B,157       bason

B,158       basons

B,181       be

B,188       bear

B,196       beast

B,198       beasts

B,199       beat

B,200       beaten

B,207       beauty

B,209       became

B,211       because

B,216       become

B,218       bed

B,222       bedchamber

B,229       been

B,248       before

B,263       beginning

B,270       behalf

B,278       behind

B,279       behold

B,284       being

B,285       bekah

B,294       believe

B,295       believed

B,300       bell

B,304       bells

B,325       beneath

B,336       Benjamin

B,367       beryl

B,369       beseech

B,372       beside

B,379       besought

B,380       best

B,383       bestow

B,452       betrothed

B,453       better

B,455       between

B,461       beware

B,467       Bezaleel

B,491       bind

B,493       binding

B,501       birth

B,517       bitter

B,528       blains

B,543       blast

B,550       blemish

B,552       bless

B,553       blessed

B,557       blessing

B,560       blind

B,562       blindeth

B,565       blood

B,568       bloody

B,573       blot

B,577       blow

B,581       blue

B,587       board

B,588       boards

B,603       body

B,606       boil

B,609       boils

B,614       bolled

B,619       bondage

B,629       bone

B,630       bones

B,631       bonnets

B,632       book

B,639       border

B,640       borders

B,641       bore

B,643       born

B,644       borne

B,645       borrow

B,646       borrowed

B,650       bosom

B,654       both

B,657       bottom

B,662       bought

B,663       bound

B,664       bounds

B,669       bow

B,670       bowed

B,675       bowls

B,686       bracelets

B,687       brake

B,688       brakest

B,691       branch

B,692       branches

B,696       brasen

B,697       brass

B,706       bread

B,707       breadth

B,708       break

B,712       breaking

B,714       breast

B,715       breastplate

B,723       bred

B,724       breeches

B,727       brethren

B,732       brick

B,734       bricks

B,751       bring

B,754       bringeth

B,755       bringing

B,756       brink

B,757       broad

B,760       broidered

B,770       brother

B,775       brought

B,776       broughtest

B,795       build

B,796       builded

B,804       built

B,809       bullock

B,814       bulrushes

B,817       bunch

B,822       burden

B,824       burdens

B,829       burn

B,830       burned

B,832       burning

B,835       burnt

B,841       bush

B,850       but

B,856       buy

B,863       by



C,c.       150 Words


  C,12       cake

  C,13       cakes

  C,17       calamus

  C,24       calf

  C,27       call

  C,28       called

  C,41       came

  C,44       camels

  C,46       camest

  C,48       camp

  C,49       camped

  C,52       can

  C,54       Canaan

  C,55       Canaanite

  C,56       Canaanites

  C,58       Canaanitish

  C,62       candlestick

  C,69       cannot

  C,70       canst

  C,79       captains

  C,80       captive

  C,83       carbuncle

C,104       Carmi

C,117       carry

C,122       carving

C,124       case

C,129       cassia

C,130       cast

C,139       catch

C,143       cattle

C,144       caught

C,145       caul

C,147       cause

C,148       caused

C,150       causes

C,158       cease

C,159       ceased

C,176       certain

C,177       certainly

C,184       chains

C,195       challengeth

C,223       chapiters

C,228       charge

C,230       charged

C,231       chargedst

C,237       chariot

C,238       chariots

C,292       cherub

C,293       cherubims

C,308       chide

C,309       chiding

C,314       child

C,315       child’s

C,320       children

C,321       children’s

C,343       choose

C,350       chose

C,351       chosen

C,373       cinnamon

C,379       circumcised

C,381       circumcision

C,382       circumspect

C,387       cities

C,390       city

C,405       cleanse

C,409       clear

C,413       clearness

C,425       clift

C,440       clothe

C,442       clothes

C,445       cloths

C,446       cloud

C,448       cloudy

C,458       coast

C,459       coasts

C,460       coat

C,461       coats

C,485       come

C,490       cometh

C,503       command

C,504       commanded

C,508       commandeth

C,510       commandment

C,511       commandments

C,519       commit

C,530       commune

C,536       communing

C,542       companion

C,551       compass

C,556       compassion

C,568       composition

C,569       compound

C,570       compoundeth

C,580       conceived

C,585       concerning

C,595       condemn

C,608       confection

C,636       congealed

C,638       congregation

C,648       consecrate

C,649       consecrated

C,650       consecration

C,651       consecrations

C,656       consider

C,681       consume

C,682       consumed

C,702       content

C,707       continual

C,708       continually

C,710       continue

C,738       convocation

C,754       cords

C,756       coriander

C,760       corn

C,762       corner

C,763       corners

C,774       corrupted

C,794       could

C,800       counsel

C,805       count

C,806       counted

C,807       countenance

C,815       couple

C,816       coupled

C,817       coupleth

C,818       coupling

C,825       court

C,831       covenant

C,835       cover

C,836       covered

C,839       covereth

C,840       covering

C,842       covers

C,844       covet

C,848       covetousness

C,885       cried

C,887       criest

C,888       crieth

C,904       crown

C,920       cry

C,923       cubit

C,924       cubits

C,933       cunning

C,943       curious

C,946       curse

C,951       curseth

C,954       curtain

C,955       curtains

C,962       cut

C,967       cutting



D,d.       100 Words


    D,7       daily

  D,16       dam

  D,27       Dan

  D,30       dances

  D,31       dancing

  D,45       darkened

  D,49       darkness

  D,55       dashed

  D,59       daubed

  D,61       daughter

  D,63       daughters

  D,68       day

  D,70       days

  D,71       days’

  D,77       dead

  D,80       deaf

  D,81       deal

  D,84       dealest

  D,89       dealt

  D,93       death

D,112       deceitfully

D,133       declared

D,136       decline

D,150       deed

D,175       defileth

D,185       delay

D,186       delayed

D,202       deliver

D,205       delivered

D,215       demanded

D,226       depart

D,227       departed

D,229       departing

D,234       depths

D,243       descended

D,252       desert

D,258       desire

D,266       desolate

D,283       destroy

D,284       destroyed

D,285       destroyer

D,296       determine

D,306       devise

D,317       devouring

D,319       dew

D,322       diamond

D,329       did

D,331       didst

D,333       die

D,334       died

D,339       difference

D,343       dig

D,344       digged

D,353       diligently

D,355       diminish

D,356       diminished

D,371       dip

D,401       discomfited

D,409       discovered

D,418       diseases

D,426       dishes

D,475       distant

D,494       divide

D,495       divided

D,505       division

D,511       do

D,523       doest

D,524       doeth

D,525       dog

D,527       dogs

D,528       doing

D,533       done

D,534       door

D,544       doth

D,547       double

D,548       doubled

D,557       dough

D,562       down

D,565       dowry

D,573       drave

D,574       draw

D,580       dread

D,593       dresseth

D,594       drew

D,599       drink

D,604       drive

D,605       driven

D,619       drove

D,622       drowned

D,630       dry

D,635       dukes

D,639       dumb

D,640       dung

D,641       dungeon

D,648       dust

D,650       duty

D,652       dwell

D,660       dwellings

D,661       dwelt

D,662       dyed



E,e.       81 Words


    E,1       each

    E,5       eagles’

    E,6       ear

    E,8       earing

    E,9       early

  E,14       earrings

  E,15       ears

  E,16       Earth

  E,24       easier

  E,26       east

  E,28       eastward

  E,30       eat

  E,31       eaten

  E,35       eateth

  E,36       eating

  E,49       edge

  E,50       edges

  E,56       Edom

  E,70       Egypt

  E,71       Egyptian

  E,73       Egyptians

  E,76       eight

  E,79       eighth

  E,96       elders

E,101       Eleazar

E,109       eleven

E,129       Eliezer

E,135       Elim

E,151       Elisheba

E,156       Elkanah

E,167       eloquent

E,172       else

E,180       Elzaphan

E,188       embroider

E,189       embroiderer

E,190       emerald

E,205       empty

E,211       encamp

E,212       encamped

E,214       encamping

E,218       enchantments

E,222       end

E,235       endow

E,236       ends

E,238       endure

E,243       enemies

E,245       enemy

E,246       enemy’s

E,253       engrave

E,255       engraver

E,256       engravings

E,264       enlarge

E,277       enough

E,278       enquire

E,295       entangled

E,298       enter

E,299       entered

E,301       entering

E,305       entice

E,313       entreated

E,329       ephah

E,337       ephod

E,354       equally

E,361       ere

E,377       escaped

E,403       established

E,421       Etham

E,442       even

E,443       evening

E,448       ever

E,449       everlasting

E,451       every

E,457       evil

E,471       exalt

E,473       exaltest

E,485       exceeding

E,489       excellency

E,504       execute

E,551       eye

E,552       eye’s

E,556       eyes



F,f.        110 Words


    F,2       face

    F,3       faces

  F,27       fall

  F,30       falleth

  F,34       false

  F,41       families

  F,50       far

  F,58       fashion

  F,59       fashioned

  F,65       fasten

  F,66       fastened

  F,71       fat

  F,73       father

  F,74       father’s

  F,75       fatherless

  F,76       fathers

  F,77       fathers’

  F,86       fault

  F,90       favour

  F,95       fear

  F,96       feared

  F,99       fearful

F,104       feast

F,110       fed

F,115       feed

F,122       feet

F,129       fell

F,135       fellow

F,152       felt

F,163       fetch

F,174       field

F,175       fields

F,176       fierce

F,180       fifteen

F,181       fifteenth

F,183       fifties

F,185       fifty

F,187       fight

F,188       fighteth

F,195       fill

F,196       filled

F,200       filleted

F,202       fillets

F,208       find

F,212       fine

F,215       finger

F,219       finished

F,223       fire

F,226       firepans

F,231       first

F,233       firstborn

F,235       firstfruits

F,236       firstling

F,239       fish

F,248       fist

F,255       five

F,260       flags

F,262       flame

F,273       flax

F,277       fled

F,279       flee

F,283       flesh

F,285       fleshhooks

F,289       flies

F,295       flock

F,296       flocks

F,298       floods

F,301       flour

F,308       flower

F,309       flowers

F,311       flowing

F,331       follow

F,338       food

F,345       foot

F,349       for

F,353       forbear

F,371       forefront

F,372       forehead

F,374       foreigner

F,381       forepart

F,387       foreskin

F,407       forgive

F,412       forgiving

F,434       forth

F,443       forty

F,446       forward

F,448       fought

F,452       found

F,453       foundation

F,460       four

F,463       fourscore

F,464       foursquare

F,466       fourteenth

F,467       fourth

F,479       frankincense

F,484       free

F,499       friend

F,506       frogs

F,507       from

F,510       frontlets

F,511       frost

F,516       fruit

F,517       fruitful

F,518       fruits

F,525       fulfil

F,526       fulfilled

F,528       full

F,539       furnace

F,543       furniture

F,549       furthermore



G,g.       73 Words


    G,7       Gad

  G,27       galbanum

  G,53       garments

  G,62       gat

  G,64       gate

  G,65       gates

  G,67       gather

  G,68       gathered

  G,76       gave

  G,81       gaze

G,112       generation

G,113       generations

G,122       gerahs

G,126       Gershom

G,127       Gershon

G,135       get

G,163       gift

G,164       gifts

G,182       gird

G,183       girded

G,187       girdle

G,188       girdles

G,201       give

G,202       given

G,205       giveth

G,208       glad

G,228       glorious

G,229       gloriously

G,230       glory

G,241       go

G,246       goats

G,247       goats’

G,251       God

G,257       gods

G,258       God-ward

G,259       goest

G,260       goeth

G,262       going

G,265       gold

G,266       golden

G,275       gone

G,276       good

G,280       goodly

G,282       goodness

G,284       goods

G,286       gore

G,287       gored

G,290       Goshen

G,294       gotten

G,304       grace

G,305       gracious

G,321       grate

G,322       grave

G,327       graven

G,328       graves

G,330       graving

G,336       great

G,337       greater

G,339       greatly

G,340       greatness

G,350       green

G,357       grew

G,365       grieved

G,368       grievous

G,378       groaning

G,383       ground

G,386       groves

G,388       groweth

G,389       grown

G,401       guided

G,404       guile

G,408       guiltless

G,408       guilty



H,h.       127 Words


    H,6       habergeon

    H,9       habitation

  H,10       habitations

  H,16       had

  H,45       hail

  H,47       hair

  H,56       half

  H,62       hallow

  H,63       hallowed

  H,96       hand

  H,97       handbreath

H,100       handfuls

H,107       handmaid

H,111       hands

H,116       hang

H,119       hanging

H,120       hangings

H,125       Hanoch

H,142       hard

H,143       harden

H,144       hardened

H,148       hardly

H,166       harnessed

H,186       harvest

H,203       hast

H,204       haste

H,205       hasted

H,217       hate

H,223       hateth

H,224       hath

H,226       hating

H,238       have

H,267       he

H,268       head

H,271       heads

H,275       healed

H,277       healeth

H,281       heap

H,284       heaps

H,285       hear

H,286       heard

H,291       heareth

H,293       hearken

H,294       hearkened

H,298       heart

H,300       hearted

H,303       hearts

H,310       heave

H,311       heaved

H,312       Heaven

H,317       heavily

H,319       heavy

H,323       Hebrew

H,325       Hebrews

H,326       Hebrews’

H,327       Hebron

H,332       heed

H,339       height

H,348       held

H,366       help

H,367       helped

H,374       hem

H,380       hems

H,384       hence

H,391       her

H,393       herb

H,394       herbs

H,398       herds

H,399       here

H,409       heretofore

H,412       heritage

H,427       herself

H,433       hew

H,434       hewed

H,438       hewn

H,445       Hezron

H,448       hid

H,452       hide

H,459       high

H,470       hill

H,474       him

H,475       himself

H,476       hin

H,491       hire

H,492       hired

H,496       his

H,500       hither

H,501       hitherto

H,502       Hittite

H,503       Hittites

H,504       Hivite

H,505       Hivites

H,509       hoar

H,524       hold

H,530       hole

H,536       holiness

H,537       hollow

H,540       holy

H,543       home

H,544       homeborn

H,550       honey

H,552       honour

H,554       honoured

H,559       hoof

H,562       hooks

H,571       Horeb

H,579       horn

H,581       hornets

H,582       horns

H,588       horse

H,593       horsemen

H,594       horses

H,604       host

H,606       hosts

H,607       hot

H,617       house

H,618       household

H,621       houses

H,624       how

H,636       humble

H,645       hundred

H,647       hundreds

H,649       hunger

H,665       Hur

H,672       hurt

H,675       husband

H,699       hyssop



I,i.         36 Words


    I,1        I

  I,15        idle

  I,27        if

  I,43        image

  I,46        images

  I,87        in

  I,89        incense

  I,95        inclosed

  I,96        inclosings

I,102        increased

I,109        indeed

I,132        ingathering

I,135        inhabitants

I,136        inhabited

I,141        inherit

I,142        inheritance

I,148        iniquity

I,154        inn

I,158        innocent

I,169        instead

I,178        instruments

I,184        intendest

I,200        into

I,201        intreat

I,202        intreated

I,215        inward

I,217        inwards

I,231        is

I,232        Isaac

I,266        Israel

I,267        Israel’s

I,269        Israelites

I,271        Issachar

I,278        it

I,284        Ithamar

I,302        Izhar



J,j.        27 Words


  J,24       Jachin

  J,27       Jacob

  J,63       Jamin

  J,93       jasper

J,103       jealous

J,111       Jebusite

J,112       Jebusites

J,152       Jehovah

J,154       Jehovahnissi

J,171       Jemuel

J,228       Jethro

J,235       jewels

J,271       Jochebed

J,286       join

J,287       joined

J,319       Joseph

J,326       Joshua

J,336       journey

J,337       journeyed

J,340       journeys

J,356       Judah

J,361       judge

J,362       judged

J,363       judges

J,367       judgment

J,368       judgments

J,385       justify



K,k.       25 Words


  K,20       keep

  K,24       keepeth

  K,25       keeping

  K,38       kept

  K,54       kid

  K,55       kidneys

  K,58       kill

  K,59       killed

  K,60       killedst

  K,67       kindle

  K,68       kindled

  K,76       king

  K,78       kingdom

K,112       kissed

K,120       kneadingtroughs

K,126       knew

K,135       knop

K,136       knops

K,137       know

K,138       knowest

K,141       knowledge

K,142       known

K,144       Kohath

K,148       Korah

K,153       Korhites



L,l.        81 Words


    L,5       labour

  L,11       labours

  L,12       lace

  L,14       lack

  L,35       laid

  L,42       lamb

  L,44       lambs

  L,53       lamp

  L,54       lamps

  L,57       land

  L,78       large

  L,91       latter

L,101       laver

L,104       law

L,109       laws

L,112       lay

L,118       lead

L,144       leave

L,146       leaven

L,147       leavened

L,159       led

L,164       left

L,170       legs

L,175       lend

L,178       length

L,182       lent

L,189       leprous

L,191       less

L,193       lest

L,194       let

L,199       letting

L,202       Levi

L,204       Levite

L,205       Levites

L,219       Libni

L,223       lice

L,229       lie

L,235       lieth

L,237       life

L,239       lift

L,240       lifted

L,245       light

L,246       lighted

L,252       lighteth

L,257       lightnings

L,260       ligure

L,261       like

L,266       likeness

L,268       likewise

L,279       linen

L,283       lintel

L,294       lips

L,296       liquors

L,301       little

L,302       live

L,304       lively

L,305       liver

L,306       lives

L,311       lo

L,314       loaf

L,317       loathe

L,326       locust

L,327       locusts

L,341       loins

L,343       long

L,346       longer

L,349       longsuffering

L,351       look

L,352       looked

L,356       lookingglasses

L,358       loops

L,360       loosed

L,364       Lord

L,365       lord’s

L,372       loss

L,373       lost

L,379       loud

L,380       louder

L,381       love

L,418       lust

L,430       lying



M,m.     109 Words


  M,27      made

  M,40      magicians

  M,53      Mahali

  M,67      maid

  M,70      maidens

  M,72      maidservant

  M,73      maidservant’s

  M,85      make

  M,89      maketh

  M,91      making

M,103      male

M,107      males

M,117      man

M,118      man’s

M,135      manna

M,136      manner

M,139      manservant

M,140      manservant’s

M,147      many

M,153      Marah

M,158      marched

M,175      marriage

M,177      married

M,192      marvels

M,200      Massah

M,202      master

M,203      master’s

M,208      mastery

M,214      matrix

M,222      matter

M,223      matters

M,233      may

M,234      mayest

M,236      me

M,242      mean

M,246      means

M,249      measure

M,253      meat

M,275      meet

M,304      melt

M,305      melted

M,312      memorial

M,316      men

M,320      menchildren

M,325      menservants

M,328      mention

M,337      Merari

M,347      merciful

M,349      mercy

M,354      Meribah

M,385      met

M,386      mete

M,414      middle

M,416      Midian

M,420      midnight

M,421      midst

M,422      midwife

M,423      midwives

M,426      Migdol

M,427      might

M,429      mightier

M,433      mighty

M,446      milk

M,447      mill

M,460      mine

M,462      mingled

M,464      minish

M,466      minister

M,479      miracle

M,482      Miriam

M,487      mischief

M,495      Mishael

M,515      mitre

M,517      mixed

M,527      Moab

M,554      molten

M,555      moment

M,556      money

M,559      month

M,561      months

M,568      more

M,570      moreover

M,573      morning

M,574      morrow

M,581      morter

M,586      Moses

M,587      Moses’

M,588      most

M,592      mother

M,593      mother’s

M,598      mount

M,599      mountain

M,600      mountains

M,605      mourned

M,612      mouth

M,614      move

M,626      much

M,632      multiplied

M,635      multiply

M,637      multitude

M,646      murmur

M,647      murmured

M,650      murmurings

M,651      murrain

M,654      Mushi

M,661      must

M,670      my

M,672      myrrh

M,674      myself



N,n.       44 Words


  N,11       Naashon

  N,18       Nadab

  N,40       naked

  N,41       nakedness

  N,42       name

  N,46       names

  N,51       Naphtali

  N,62       nation

  N,63       nations

  N,84       near

N,101       neck

N,112       needlework

N,129       neighbour

N,130       neighbour’s

N,136       neither

N,141       Nepheg

N,157       net

N,160       nether

N,169       network

N,172       nevertheless

N,173       new

N,178       next

N,189       nigh

N,190       night

N,191       nights

N,196       nine

N,207       no

N,215       nobles

N,221       noise

N,225       none

N,231       nor

N,232       north

N,234       northward

N,237       nostrils

N,238       not

N,242       nothing

N,244       notwithstanding

N,253       now

N,254       number

N,255       numbered

N,256       numberest

N,259       Nun

N,260       nurse

N,261       nursed



O,o.       65 Words


    O,1       O

    O,6       oath

  O,14       obedient

  O,15       obeisance

  O,16       obey

  O,29       observe

  O,30       observed

  O,44       occupied

  O,55       of

  O,56       off

  O,63       offer

  O,64       offered

  O,66       offering

  O,67       offerings

  O,68       office

  O,70       officers

  O,80       oh

  O,81       Ohad

  O,83       oil

  O,84       oiled

  O,85       ointment

  O,87       old

  O,89       olive

  O,92       oliveyard

  O,97       omer

  O,98       omers

O,102       on

O,105       once

O,106       one

O,108       ones

O,112       only

O,114       onward

O,115       onycha

O,116       onyx

O,117       open

O,118       opened

O,120       openeth

O,138       oppress

O,142       oppression

O,146       or

O,156       order

O,161       ordinance

O,162       ordinances

O,170       ornaments

O,180       other

O,185       ouches

O,186       ought

O,188       our

O,191       out

O,198       outmost

O,207       ovens

O,208       over

O,212       overcome

O,220       overlaid

O,221       overlay

O,222       overlaying

O,238       overtake

O,241       overthrew

O,242       overthrow

O,244       overthrown

O,245       overtook

O,257       own

O,258       owner

O,261       ox

O,262       oxen



P,p.       111 Words


  P,28       Palestina

  P,30       Pallu

  P,32       palm

  P,44       pans

  P,61       pardon

  P,73       part

  P,84       parties

  P,91       parts

  P,98       pass

P,101       passed

P,105       passeth

P,109       passover

P,111       past

P,131       pattern

P,137       paved

P,144       pay

P,149       peace

P,156       peculiar

P,186       people

P,191       peradventure

P,210       perform

P,215       perfume

P,225       perish

P,229       Perizzite

P,230       Perizzites

P,236       perpetual

P,253       person

P,254       persons

P,271       perverteth

P,273       pestilence

P,290       Pharaoh

P,291       Pharaoh’s

P,319       Philistines

P,324       Phinehas

P,338       piece

P,339       pieces

P,348       Pihahiroth

P,353       pilgrimage

P,355       pillar

P,356       pillars

P,368       pins

P,382       pit

P,383       pitch

P,384       pitched

P,387       Pithom

P,394       place

P,396       places

P,397       plague

P,398       plagued

P,399       plagues

P,401       plainly

P,410       plant

P,420       plate

P,421       plates

P,424       play

P,438       please

P,444       pledge

P,463       plucked

P,483       polluted

P,488       pomegranate

P,489       pomegranates

P,495       ponds

P,499       pools

P,500       poor

P,525       post

P,527       posts

P,528       pot

P,532       pots

P,542       pour

P,543       poured

P,550       powder

P,552       power

P,561       praises

P,567       pray

P,592       prepare

P,593       prepared

P,601       presence

P,602       present

P,621       presumptuously